catching you up

instead of wishing for that box of chocolates, come out and view our Valentines group show.
For this exhibition we have asked a variety of local and national artist to explore their feelings on love, lust, and the pain that comes from a broken heart.
There are personal photos and sketches and even some collage work all dealing with the emotions of being “turned on”.
Come and experience what these artist find erotic.
Featuring works by:
TrashAndGarnish, give up, Y.E.Torres, GONZO247, Dave Lowell, Dual, and many many more…

Enjoy the sounds of the Heartbreak Hotel duo:
DJ Paramour & Mr. Castillo
And enjoy a nice Saint Arnolds brew.

Sensual attire is suggested and parents be aware that some artwork might not be suitable for minors.

it'll be fun

1 comment:

Nina said...

Dang...I can't believe I missed the show. I am always looking for something interesting and different to do.

-Nina :)