working for the weekend

The Erotic art show and Paper Ballet art show was a good time.

Im excited about this just because I heard that Crave Sushi is going to have some bomb ass food there:

Spacetaker's 5th Annual Gala

Saturday, February 21st
Come together for Spacetaker's 5th Annual Gala: Synergy, celebrating our 5-year partnership and collaboration with Houston artists. Be prepared for a dazzling gestalt of art, libation, food, and fun!
Tiffany Halik, Alton LaDay, and Gail Rubin
Honorary Chairs
Caroline Tyson and Wade Wilson
Auction Committee Chairs
Lisa Benitez, Dianne McAdams, and Jody Schmal
Culinary Committee Chairs
Bridget Johnson and Beth Levine
Corporate Sponsorship Committee
Jonathan Beitler and Jenny Wang
Program & Decor Committee Chair
Christian Azul and Elaine Dillard
A Rooftop Geisha Lounge
Audio Telepathy : BooTown : DJ Sun & Soular Grooves : Divergence Vocal Theater : Opera Vista : Peekaboo Theory : Sahira : Leslie Scates : Travesty Dance Group
Aerosol Warfare : Give Up : Pr!mo : Monica Guerra
Aerosol Warfare : The Tipping Point : M2M / Jeans Couture : Blue Mambo
For sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Jenni Rebecca Stephenson

More info and to purchase tickets http://www.spacetaker.org/

listen to this http://fairtilizer.com/track/frankichanmix our gift to you


Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-9pm
2110 Jefferson #113 EADO Houston, TX 77003




a little bird told me

maybe you can get the GIVEUP book at these sites
http:​/​/​ingiv​ingup​.​ blogs​pot.​ com
www. death​wishi​nc.​ com
www. holyt​error​recor​ds.​ com
www. fuckh​ellfi​sh.​ com

here's a little stolen video of hatefuck #5 that i thought was pretty rad

maybe after you wake up on saturday, from having such a good time at the erotic art show youre going to on friday.. you and you're crush...or what have you.. will want to show up and ride bikes for this:

catching you up

instead of wishing for that box of chocolates, come out and view our Valentines group show.
For this exhibition we have asked a variety of local and national artist to explore their feelings on love, lust, and the pain that comes from a broken heart.
There are personal photos and sketches and even some collage work all dealing with the emotions of being “turned on”.
Come and experience what these artist find erotic.
Featuring works by:
TrashAndGarnish, give up, Y.E.Torres, GONZO247, Dave Lowell, Dual, and many many more…

Enjoy the sounds of the Heartbreak Hotel duo:
DJ Paramour & Mr. Castillo
And enjoy a nice Saint Arnolds brew.

Sensual attire is suggested and parents be aware that some artwork might not be suitable for minors.

it'll be fun