Native Shoes

Factory Video from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

Filmed inside the Native Shoes factory this short film takes you behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of the innovative manufacturing process. The images reveal the beauty behind the skilled craftsmanship of EVA injection molding. You no longer have to wonder how that pair of cushy, candy colored shoes came to be. The future of footwear delivered on time by Ray-Ban-wearing Technicians.


Alexandre Farto AKA Vhils
is a Portuguese street artist based in London. He has an amazing knack for creating large wall art pieces. His art stands out because they huge pieces that are created by playing with layers and textures to create the effect



designer: Sander van Heukelom
"Beauty is found in small things. Things like spray cans, even spray can caps. This is how the idea for this project came about. In the past years, spray cans have played a big role in my work, but I never paid much attention to them otherwise.Until now. The simple yet interesting form of the cap inspired me to design an original and at the same time practical chair."


Favela on Blast

On July 20th the film will be available digitally and on DVD through Mad Decent.

Favela On Blast - Official Trailer from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Favela on Blast, the directorial film debut from Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, Diplo, and his partner Leandro HBL, documents a vibrant and innovative musical subculture that has emerged in Brazil's impoverished slums, known as favelas. Well beneath the radar of mainstream society for the last 20 years, they have their own language, style and heroes. Their music and culture have gone mostly unnoticed outside of South America until now. Favela on Blast captures the rarely seen stories of MC's, DJ's, dancers, and cultural producers through the eyes of Diplo and Brazilian filmmaker Leandro HBL, with memorable appearances from funk superstars Deize, Tigrona, Mr. Catra, and Duda Do Borell.

Favela on Blast documents the culture surrounding "Funk Carioca," a musical rhythm that mixes the American electronic funk of the 1980's with the most diverse influences of Brazilian music. It is one of the most interesting musical movements in the world and it comes from one of the most violent and poorest places too: the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Bombastic rhythms coming from the Miami Bass and loops and samples are united to powerful rap vocals using Brazilian slang. This music is designed to be listened to as loud as possible and with high bass pumping through the tropical nights of Rio. The heroes are the creators- the musicians. Their pace is set between colossal street parties; propped with rudimentary sound-systems, warring drug factions, and an eerily tense city where the Police and societies elite have the upper hand until it comes to their musical culture, always Brazil's heart and nation's identity.

An Official Selection of SXSW Film Festival 2009, Favela on Blast was not an easy feat to be conquered. Little funding, unfamiliar territories, and broken translations proved to be harsh obstacles for Diplo and Leandro. However, to show the world the music that has helped acts such as Diplo, Bonde de Role, and a heap of Mad Decent artists rise to international prominence was worth the trouble.



Basix is hosted by BBoy Craig on the last Saturday of every month. This month's special guest DJs are CapsMutherFukinOne & DJ Dirty Hands. If you never have seen them try and make it out. Three turntables, lots of old school hits, and no Serato. They will make you dance, even with your two left feet

Cellar Bar
3140 Richmond
No cover-21 and up
Saturday 5/29/10 doors at 9pm


Do NOT support this sale


Banksy was in LA to support his movie's release. Exit Through the Gift Shop While in town he might have done some painting.


This painting was removed from it’s original location at 410 S. La Brea Ave.

Now, In this exclusive video sent to JetSet Graffiti anonymously by “a friend of the artist”, the removal process has been captured. The million dollar question we’re about to answer?
Who did it?

JetSet Graffiti has confirmed through a business partner of Banksy’s that it was the infamous Doug Christmas of Ace Gallery in Los Angeles that organized the removal and impending unauthorized sale of the artwork.

Famous for treating his bills as if they didn’t exist; Since 1976, Christmas has been sued 55 times by artists, other dealers and art collectors, according to a profile in 2009 in the LA Weekly.

Our take on this mess? Glad you asked:

“Do NOT support this sale; the artist never confirmed the work was his, and the piece is now considered counterfeit. Look, if these wealthy gallerists and collectors are going to try and use an artist’s hard work to make money, they will do it on his terms, not off his back. It makes sense for the artist to distance himself from the work now. Banksy never confirmed it was his to begin with, so Ace Gallery and every other greedy art-star fucker can piss off. The irony of it all is that the boys who play the “art is exclusive” BS game so well are now being pushed out by their own rules of engagement so they have to resort to “stealing” the work. They can own the art all they want; but they’ll never own the street.” -Daniel Lahoda, Owner, www.jetsetgraffiti.com

American Woman

Women are strong, independent, beautiful, caring and complex. They are an essential part of humanity, our society, yet 7% of women (3.9 million) are physically abused by their partner. That’s one every 9 seconds. This show is an ode to all American women who show strength on a daily basis, as well as those who need to see that there are people who care about them and their daily struggle.

Saturday, April 24th 2010

6pm – 12 am

Aerosol Warfare Gallery 2110 Jefferson, # 113

The “American Women” show will be donating funds raised by its silent auction to the Houston Area Women’s Center.