i was a little hesitant to post this one...

but here it goes

we have some really cool Han Cholo bracelets and necklaces.


I love the Ronson family

who's down? holla at me. I don't know who's going yet.
Its THIS thursday.


a little birdy messaged me and told me there was going to be alot of fun Han Cholo jewelry at Aerosol Warfare soon. Maybe they need models for the jewelry.


big things happening

                          just some left over yelp party photos

Primo is working on this documentary.  I don't want to say too much except, its going to be rad! Plus I'm sure they'd want to let you know what's up in their own words. Here's a link to the stick 'em up blog.  StickEmupHouston . Folks and friends of Aerosol Warfare are super stoked on this documentary. 

Let's talk food real quick. Last night Sara and I went to eat at Zake. I've been consistently going to Zake since it was Royal Japon. I knew it would eventually blow up with time and growth in that particular part of town, but I don't think the owner (or whomever) did. They have changed the place and the menu so much. What kept me, and many others coming back was the cheap onion soup and amazing miso soup. Oh, and not to mention the rather large plate of fried rice they used to offer. Last night we ordered soup an rice. Long story short it cost me about 25 total with tip for 2 bowls of soup and a place of fried rice. And it sucked. Whatever. Moving along... Linh Hoang is opening up Crave Sushi in the midtown area around Christmas time. We've all been eating at Mai's late night for a minute, but now we don't have to because Crave sushi plans to be open late night. Sara and myself will be hitting this spot up asap since we are japanese food fans. WeCraveSushi


award for dropping the ball.. hard.. in 2008.


i know 3 ladies who look better than these two.
and have legit eyebrows.


yelp.com party

The last yelp.com party was help over at Aerosol Warfare. It was pretty neat, can't even lie. Lots of give away-s. Lots of people mingling. Free St. Arnold's beer. And free fancy french fries and hamburgers. I checked yelp.com for the first time today. Its a neat little site with all kinds of info on happenings in your city. Go check it out.