We now sell Spanish Montana MTN Alien Spray Paint!!
Don't say we didn't tell you.


Photos from the Last art show

Just a taste of the happenings. They Keg was gone gone gone when I got there. Music off the chain. There's some nice things in the gallery right now. Get over there and take a peak.



The holiday quickstrikes just came in.  Designed by SLICK out of Los Angeles with collaborations with La Coka Nostra, Diamond Supply Co., and Dave LaChappelle.


More Z-trip

Z-Trip @ AW from Alex Luster on Vimeo.

check out this blog too



We on that Houston Shit

This is what's happening Saturday at AW make sure you bring friends, a check book, and "an open mind"...haha just kidding that's an inside joke with Christian and I. No, but for real, bring a friend, you can get some pre drink on, meet some cool folks, and most importantly support your local artists. Come to show love.

Don't forget, Redman and Methodman tomorrow at House of Blues.

Anyways, AW Saturday, be there to see what Gonzo is wearing.


sunday night slow jams

mimosas. sottocenere. chevre. surullitos de maiz. dominoes.
VIP. free bottle service.

its all about the lifestyle.
being famous just means you know the right people.
and we know all the right people.

well almost all the right people...
if anyone knows Florian Bertmer personally, we need his info.
his work is phenom.
we all need to see it in person.
if i could make love to a screen print, i would have an orgy with every thing he has ever created.

mark your calendars, this saturday you're busy.
you'll be checking out some art and buying some clothes at aerosol warfare gallery.


Warm Milk

Almost done pissed myself. We tried to go to block 21 for the Paco benefit. But ya'll weren't there! What the heck?! Anyways make sure you check out this spot its supposed to be happening. We're having mimosa's and playing bones for the Madonna party at Cara Dulce tonight.

Driving around downtown gets me stoked on Houston, lots of development going on in the city. Its excited, Houston deserves nice things.

More on subject, this Saturday there's an art show at Aerosol Warfare. More details soon.



We just got in the REMEMBER JOY ''dirty grills'' shirts in Pink, Purple, & White.  And black and white Fouis Vuitton Bandanas................copp em'

"Hipsters are the new Jocks, it don't take much to realize that"


srsly. dude. bro.

When you go out.. Get drunk.
Dark horse.
Big Star Bar.
Alice's Tall Texan.

Get shit faced.
Forget you're nice.
Forget you care about anything.
Fuck it.
Forget your life.
Your feet smell. BAD.

Remember this blog or die.
Videos soon.


ZTRIP rocked it at night.

and then we were all hung over.


stephanie... is a dirty monster

sitting at the house.. going over the new OBEY spring line.
stephanie has maybe had too many sangrias. 
she's humping the air and dancing with the dogs.
saydee is talking some ridiculous shit about whatever really matters to her. which should matter to you. because you suck and she's really fucking amazing.

get on the blog. 
this shit is going off.