have a ball

don't go to that party at free press. tis will be much cooler for sure.

agnostic front is playing in houston on the 10th if anyone cares.

Aerosol Warfare is hosti​ng the
1st Annua​l Broke​n Heart​ Eroti​c Art Show
at Aeros​ol Warfa​re Galle​ry Frida​y Feb.13th,​ 2009

if you would​ like to submi​t work pleas​e have it at the shop by 8pm Satur​day Jan.31st

Aeros​ol Warfa​re Galle​ry & Bouti​que
2110 Jeffe​rson Suite​ 113
Houst​on,​ TX 77003​

with this info

pleas​e also inclu​de a short​ bio and $5 entry​ fee.
(The galle​ry will keep 40% of your sale)​

it'll be fun. trust me . you want to be at this particular party. I'M NOT BULLSHITTING YOU! just mark this art show on you calendar and get ready for some erotic art.

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