Bunch of friends of AW got to chill and have a good time at SXSW.

It was super cool. A bunch of old Houston friends that are now split up by new jobs and new places got to reunite and have a "moment" to some Dj Shadow. Shout outs to our friend Bomit who has his bandana art show during SXSW!
And to Primo who was filming some stuff for Stick 'Em Up.
We also hit up the art show at the Lombardi Gallery, Dj Diabetic Spinning, really nice locals, and whew! Some bad ass art.

friends of Aerosol Warfare did some work at Home Slice Pizza...


Dirk Strangely & Nooooka vs Dual

they're having a competition. our good friend dual has entered himself in the competition.
click on the image above and vote for the houston doll!!!
tell your friends!

Secret World of Muggets and Other Strange Things

Dirk Strangely has had his work published in JUXTAPOZ and HI-FRUCTOSEmagazines, and shared his strange things around the country.
Please join us this Saturday March 14th from 7-11pm as we meet some Muggets and enter into Dirk Strangely land.

Straight from Dirk Strangely via underwater translator:
When we were children we believed that anything was possible and imagined a whole world full of magical creatures, but, as we grew older we forgot of these worlds and creatures within, which in turn caused them to be extinct.
It's time to remember and believe in these creatures bringing them back to life... anything is possible if you believe it strong and hard enough. I never stopped believing in them, so I present to you my childhoods fantasy world of "Secret World of Muggets and Other Strange Things."
DJ Lee Lawson will provide some tunes and another Texas local, Sweet Leaf Tea, will be in the house.
For more info please visit http://www.myspace.com/dirkstrangely